*Trigger Warning* 11 Year-old Girl Forced to Carry Pregnancy (from Rape) to Term in Chile

You guys, being a feminist in Chile is hard. Abortion is illegal (in ALL CASES), we are always seeing some new story in the news about a woman killed by her abusive husband, one time a facebook (female) friend said feminism was just an unfortunate trend. And then THIS SHIT HAPPENED.

An 11-year-old girl is pregnant, after being (repeatedly) raped by her stepfather. What do the bright leaders of our country have to say about this, you ask. Well they have all sorts of ignorant and completely insane idiocity to share with the world. Our president, Sebastian Piñera, said the girl showed "maturity" even after she said that she saw her future child as a doll. He then went on to say that if she needed to deliver the baby prematurely she'd have to have the procedure because, wait for it, "in our country the mother's life is always the first concern". MIND BLOWN. See? It's not just US politicians who have found crazy ways to make their stupidity conflate with their delusions of themselves as protectors of women and mothers.


We also have this other moron member of parliament, Issa Kort, saying she is "ready to be a mother"

"What I understand, medically, is that from the moment a woman has her first period, her first menstruation, it's because her organism is already prepared to be a mother, to procreate. These are not the ideal conditions, if we think that in the Middle Age or in the beginnings of the Renaissance women were mothers at 15, 14, 16 and life expectancy was much lower"

Well, Issa, what I understand is that you are an idiot. The right-wing (of course) politician followed-up with a classic non-apology through twitter: "I want to ask forgiveness to everyone who was offended". And I'd like to ask forgiveness to that poor child, because we haven't done enough to ensure her the options she desperately needs.

If this hasn't been enough to make you go BARF, the mother of this poor poor girl is saying the rape was actually consensual sex. DOUBLE BARF.

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